Case Study

Legacy Strategies


Legacy Strategies is a digital marketing agency startup that recently had an evolution in their business model. They now define as an all-in-one creative hub that connects businesses with freelancers to work on projects together. Legacy Strategies wanted their website to reflect these changes. Their goal was to be able to easily connect businesses with creative services and freelancers to project opportunities with an empathetic approach.


  • Branding
  • UX Writing
  • UI Design

Project Info

DATE 3-week design sprint
ROLE Visual Designer and UX Writer
PROJECT Creating digital product
TOOLS Canva, Figma, Miro, Slack, and Trello


  • UX Research: Surveying, User Interviews, User Persona Creation, Problem Statement, How Might We Statements
  •  UI Design: Ideation, Sketching, Wire-framing, Usability Testing, Branding

High-fidelity Prototype

The Design Process


Humble Beginnings

Our client kick-off meeting was designed to help us understand Legacy Strategies' goals moving forward. Their original website did not clearly display their full services. It was understood that as business, you could go to them to find your "marketing dream team". The client informed us that they also are a creative staffing agency, where they are expanding their network of creatives to outsource more work. Our goal was to define their end-to-end process for businesses and freelancers joining their agency and create a creative hub where project postings and opportunities lie.


We surveyed 9 businesses and 12 freelancers and followed up with 6 user interviews to understand their needs and pain points on finding creative work. We then walked them through a contextual inquiry of Legacy Strategies' original website to get feedback and direction on where to go from here.



Discovering Common Themes

The two main pillars that stood out and Legacy Strategies wanted to make clear throughout the entire site were empathy and community. More than anything, Legacy Strategies wanted to be that safe creative space where businesses and freelancers could build working relationships and always check in on a human level.

Businesses put a lot of emphasis on connecting through professionalism. They wanted freelancers who took the work seriously and that had good quality work, too.

Freelancers found it crucial to set working agreements with their clients so nothing gets lost in translation during their creative process.

Pain Points




User Personas


After compiling and analyzing the research, we developed a user persona for Legacy Strategies that would address the goals and frustrations of businesses finding freelancers to work on projects.

Meet Jet.

Jet runs a small coffee shop in downtown Chicago. He is reopening after being closed for so long due to covid. He wants to rebrand and revitalize his social media platforms to attract new customers.


- Find a brand strategist that will understand their mission and rebrand their business

- Wants to be hands-off with the details, but at the same time kept in the loop

- Needs to find a brand strategist that fits into his budget but is still able to execute the scope of work


- Not tech-savvy

- Freelancers through staffing agencies can be expensive

- Doesn’t understand the freelancer’s workflow


After compiling and analyzing the research, we developed a user persona for Legacy Strategies that would address the goals and frustrations of freelancers finding creative work through them.

Meet April.

April is a brand strategist that is looking for a contract gig that she is passionate about. She wants to work with a client that understands her process and is respectful of her work. She enjoys working directly with the client so she can understand their mission and bring their vision to life.


- Getting compensated fairly

- Building a network

- Adding work to portfolio

- Learning new skills


- Feeling undervalued

- Feeling the need to over-deliver to satisfy clients

- Overwhelming competition

Problem Statements


Jet is busy running his coffee shop and needs to hire a specialist to rebrand his business because he is not the most tech savvy person and he would feel more comfortable hiring a creative professional that he could trust.


April wants to distinguish herself as a creative freelancer so that she may work on projects she’s passionate about to evolve her skill set and create long-lasting connections.

How Might We Statements


- How might we help Jet connect with freelancers that are experienced, creative, and professional?

- How might we ensure that Jet receives quality work from the person he hires?

- How might we ensure Jet is aware of the freelancer’s process (transparency)?


- How might we connect April to clients that will enable her to work on projects she’s passionate about?

- How might we promote growth and education for April?

- How might we bridge the gap between April and the client so there is more transparency in the process?

To view other deliverables such as customer journeys, user flows, or the service blueprint, click here.


Beginning Sketches

I worked on the copy of the landing pages "For Businesses" and "For Freelancers" to ensure the end-to-end process was laid out nicely. Having concise copy explaining Legacy Strategies' evolved business model is crucial to hook in clients and give them opportunities to sign up with their creative agency.

Mid-fidelity Wireframes

Finding a way to tie in empathy from Legacy Strategies' pillars into the sign up process came with its challenges. Businesses wanted a quick and easy sign up process -- the less typing, the better. And freelancers wanted to fill out it all because connecting to businesses that share their values was the goal. A good compromise to appease both sides was to create cards to click on.

I created the portal where businesses and freelancers have their home base. In the portal, businesses are able to check on the progress of their current projects, create new projects, and find freelancers to work with. On the freelancer side, they're able to update the progress of their current projects, find new projects to work on that fit their passions, and have access to educational resources to refine their skills. Additionally, both businesses and freelancers can check their calendar to stay organized.

High-fidelity Wireframes

High-fidelity Prototype

Closing Remarks

Redesigning Legacy Strategies' website was a growing experience for me. I pushed myself to take the lead on parts of this project, such as leading a few meetings with our client, where I'm usually more comfortably reserved. I learned that my confidence comes from passion -- and where I thrive most is within the UI design choices I make. A specific design skill I mastered was the 8 point grid rule -- it corrected my white space UI issues I've had in the past.

If I could do anything differently for this project, it'd be to set better working boundaries regarding the fast-paced environment we've gotten accustomed to. I realized that taking breaks and allowing myself time to step away from work and recharge was crucial to providing my best services when the time comes. Having a fresh mind and perspective helped my productivity immensely!