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Visual Design and UX Writing: A Beautiful Pair

A toe shoe is as eccentric as the ballerina who wears it: their marriage is a commitment.

Growing up, I used to dance. I'd choreograph intricate movements to preform for my parents in the living room -- mostly moves I learned at dance lessons. There were no rules, just passion.

Dance has many types: ballet, tap, jazz, etc. When in lessons, it's encouraged to do them all. So why is choosing a career type any different than how we learned as a kid? Can we pursue more than one?

I'm currently questioning this in user experience design. There are many types: UX research, visual design, UX writing, etc. Naturally, I gravitated towards more than one. My passion for visual design and UX writing posed to be a confusing start to my career. I've had mentors mention I should choose one, and others say it's a superpower to do both well. I understand their roles differ to an extent, but I believe being interested in both makes me a better-rounded designer and a more meticulous writer.

I hope to find a role that lets me practice design and writing more holistically. Maybe once I've explored them more, I'll specialize -- choose one path over the other. But for now, I'm leading with passion and being unapologetic for having interest in them both!

Did you struggle with a speciality decision during your career? I'd love to hear your story.