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Why I Chose UX/UI Design As A Career

All my life, I've been a creative soul. Whether it's taking photos or writing stories, expressing emotions holds meaning in my heart. Getting to a stage of realization and acceptance of my creative endeavors, however, was no easy feat.

Curiosities About Health & Wellness

Growing up, I had two clear career paths: engineering or science. These paths were no doubt a pushed agenda from the STEM program I was enrolled in at my high school. Naturally, I gravitated towards science because my mentor, also known as my mother, was a pharmacist. I had many curiosities about health and wellness and found that by learning about it, I was able to improve my health and the health of others. I fell in love with the science behind nutrition whenever I studied abroad in South Africa during my collegiate years -- it was the trip of my dreams! However, I soon realized a career in nutrition was not the path for me because I still craved creativity.

Taking Photos & Taking Notes

I've been a photographer and writer for as long as I can remember. After class, I'd go on creative photoshoots with friends. Give me a camera and I'd work my magic. At night before bed, I'd journal my day away. I wrote out my frustrations and always ending the paragraphs on a good note with something I'm grateful for. Telling a story through visuals and words seemed to be where I shined. Was there a way to make this a career? This thought constantly crossed my mind as I knew deep down I was made for something more!

Turn Time Into Progress

In early 2020, I landed my first job as a Creative Specialist for GoDaddy. I loved designing and writing social media content for clients. My clients ranged from restaurants, real estate agents, to nutritionists and automotive shops. Working at GoDaddy expanded my creativity and improved my writing. My time there was short, however, as I lost my position due to the pandemic. It was in this time that everything slowed down. I was searching for what's next and looking for inspiration. My creative career was just beginning. I could go anywhere from here!

I reached out to my UX designer friend and learned more about this career path because I knew we had similar passions in life and thought if she liked her work, maybe I would too. Instantly, I felt connected to this profession. It encompasses everything I've been looking for: research, aesthetic design, and writing. I knew I had to take the plunge and enroll in a program!

"Whitespace is like air: it's necessary for design to breathe."

Having all this time to truly think about what I want out of life and my career was a blessing. And I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my family, friends, and my User Experience Design Immersive program at General Assembly.

To sum all of this up best, check out this article I was featured in this year: click here.

I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams! Believe in yourself and know that everything will come in time.